Citizens will have the knowledge and understanding of programs and services available to them
to make informed decision that impact their daily living condition.

To educate agricultural individuals or groups about programs and services offered by the federal
government to increase their knowledge, understanding and use of said programs.  Additionally,
Restoring Faith (RF) will work with rural communities to educate citizens about programs
related to their interest in improving the educational system, business development opportunities
and living conditions.  As well as help with creating economic and social changes to overcome
downturns in the economy and social situations to restore confidence in America.

Core Activities
  • Facilitate partnerships with local and statewide groups with a common interest.
  • Organize and put on educational workshops to educate agricultural producers.
  • Secure funding to put on major projects within the south that focus on federal programs
    and services.
  • Work with local water associations in rural communities to improve water quality and

Who We Are
Restoring Faith was established to help rural and urban citizens learn about programs and
services available within the governmental and private sector that provide greater opportunities
for individual and community growth.  RF mission will cover several areas but will primarily
focus on the availability of programs and services with the United States Department of
Agriculture.  Through a collective 100+ years of service, the organizational founders observed
disconnects in service to communities in many areas of the United States.  Because of these
disconnects, they observed gaps within the system that was designed to help individuals and
communities, become barriers between USDA’s mission and the public they serve.  This
brought about a lack of faith in the overall system.  However, within their years of service
improvements were made by USDA to address many concerns but additional work is necessary
to broaden USDA’s effort at the lowest level possible to ensure all that desire and qualify can
participate in programs and services offered by the federal sector.  Thus our goal is to Restore
Faith of individuals and communities in organizations responsible for providing assistance in
times of need.  Restoring Faith will serve as a catalyst for change by holding individuals,
communities and agencies/organizations accountable to the public they serve.